Winter Camping is Always the Right Choice

Picture of two happy winter campers outside of their tent

Winter is here, and it is our time to play

by Jen Schuler

There is a fresh blanket of white covering the BWCAW and its corners are stretching out across the North Shore. Winter is here, and it is our time to play. Perfect timing on SeekOutside as we just got our new winter tents in stock for our winter rentals and retail. Playing in the cold is something Cook County residents are good at, and I find the more I embrace it…the more I fall in love with my favorite season. Winter camping offers serenity, beauty, and a sense of adventure that isn’t quite comparable to traditional three season camping. If you have yet to embrace winter and try camping in the snow, here are five reasons why you should not wait any longer.

  1. Winter expands our playground: Lakes are frozen, different trails are accessible, and traveling by foot throws you right into nature’s playground. SeekOutside uses silnylon for their 6 person tipi tent, with a carbon pole and a titanium stove (all of this comes in weighing just under 7lbs). It is nice to not worry about the weight of your gear slowing you down or even dictating where you camp. Winter camping is about exploring new territory and submersing yourself into nature.
  2. There is something about being the first footprints on fresh powder: Snow muffles everyday sounds and there is something pioneer like to be the first to blaze a trail on a quiet winter day.
  3. You can wake up in the middle of the night and eat chocolate: If this doesn’t make you want to winter camp, I don’t know what will. Food helps you stay warm; when you wake up in the middle of the night chilled, chocolate is encouraged for some quick sugars to keep you warm!
  4. You not only get to create your own trail, but your campsite as well: Campsite design and location is half the fun! You can create “tables and chairs”, build a snowman friend, and make level surfaces for your tent. *Tip: use your Hok skis or snowshoes to pack down a flat surface quickly and efficiently.
  5. Your playground is right outside your tent door: You can ski in-ski out, auger holes and try your hand at ice fishing, go for a snowshoe in the woods, or cozy up to a fire underneath the stars.

**Hot chocolate is unofficially the sponsor of winter camping

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