We Need Your Input!

Showing Off Brook Trout On Brule 2013 08 14

We Need Your Input!

Picture of the Brule River in Cook County, Minnesota

Fisherman’s Nirvana – The Brule River on a summer day.

We are always looking for new adventures that we can share with our visitors. Over the past few weeks we have discussed taking the Brule River from Gunflint Trail to…to…well we weren’t quite sure where. After many discussions, we decided to take the South Brule River from  the Gunflint Trail to Northern Light Lake. We knew if we took the North Brule we would encounter a waterfall and with the equipment we were taking, that was not an option.

This was going to be a trip using two Venture Outdoors hard sided kickboats and one Super Cat inflatable kickboat. Our plan was to not only float the river, but to do a little fly fishing at the same time.

Picture of Ben and Chris preparing their kick boats for fishing

Have you tried a kickboat?
Stop in and ask us all about them.

The first section of the river was fairly shallow and it took a bit for us to decide whether we should use fins on our feet or walk the boats downstream with our wader boots. It didn’t take long before the North Brule merged with the South Brule and the river depth changed accordingly. But even with the deeper water, it was interesting trying to navigate fast water with a boat that quite frankly is not designed for this type of work. After every small rapids, we came into a stretch of calmer water where we could try our hand at some fly fishing. We quickly got better at reading the water in front of us and with the deeper water and smarter navigating, we made good progress.

It wasn’t long before Ben hooked into a really nice Brook Trout. It was darker than a lot of Brookies we have seen and was somewhere between 12″ and 14″. Nice job Ben.

We still have some logistics to work out before we offer this trip as a Stone Harbor tour, but we want to hear from you: Is there any interest in a guided tour on the Brule? Are there any other Cook County destinations we should add to our guided tours? Please let us know by submitting your comments below.

Picture of Ben netting the Brook Trout he had just caught

Picture of Ben picking up Brook Trout from the net

Picture of Ben showing off his Brook Trout

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