We Call Them “Previously Enjoyed” So We Don’t Make Our Used Canoes Feel Bad

Maelstrom Vaag Kayak

We Call Them “Previously Enjoyed” So We Don’t Make Our Used Canoes Feel Bad

Our busy season has arrived. Grand Marais is now bustling with visitors from all corners of the U.S. and Canada. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask whether we are selling used canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards. The answer is yes we are.

Previously enjoyed* kevlar canoes are always available. Since many of these are paddled in the BWCAW, we want to sell them while they are still in good shape. That way you can use them for years and then pass them down to your kids.

Kayak availability is a little different. We do have them from time to time during the summer, but your best bet is to call and get one set aside after the season comes to a close. That is shortly after Labor Day. And SUP’s are handled the same way.

Side and top views of a Maelstrom Vaag kayak

You can get a great deal on a Maelstrom Vaag kayak

New boats on sale? The best deals are on Maelstrom kayaks. We have at least one Vitol and two Vaags left in stock. These kayaks have been discontinued by Maelstrom, so we want to move them out. They are composite sea kayaks and are very responsive and fast.

Interested in any of these? Give us a call at 218-387-3136 and we can take care of you.

*We like to use the term “previously enjoyed” instead of “used” because “used” sounds so cold. We have a connection with our boats and we don’t want our “used” boats to feel bad.

  1. DanOct 05, 2013

    Do you sell you used snowtrekker tents? If so what are the prices?

  2. JackOct 06, 2013

    Thanks for asking, Dan! We do not sell our used Snowtrekker tents at this time. Maybe in the spring.

  3. CallumJun 12, 2014

    do you still have the Vaags? what price where you looking for? Condition?


  4. SHWSJun 12, 2014

    We have no Vaags left in stock. We do have one Vitol left which needs some repair as it was dropped on the asphalt when in transit. It can be fixed either with a skid plate or with a repair kit if you are handy at that sort of thing. If interested, please contact the store at 218-387-3136.

  5. AnnSep 14, 2014

    Any SUPs left? First tried in July this year..amazing fun! Want more…

  6. JackSep 14, 2014

    We have a limited number of both new and previously enjoyed SUPs on hand. Give us a call tomorrow (Monday) and we will fix you up. 218-387-3136.

  7. MichaelOct 14, 2014


    Do you happen to have any used lightweight langford 2 person canoes?

  8. JackOct 14, 2014

    Hi Michael,

    We have three different used Langford canoes that fit your criteria. Please give us a call at 218-387-3136 or stop in and we can figure out which one would work best for you.

  9. ScottJan 25, 2015

    Do you sell used Hoks

  10. SHWSJan 26, 2015

    We do not currently have any used Hoks in our inventory but check back with us at the end of the winter and we may have some for sale.

    If the snow we are getting has you hankering for some Hoks right now, you can get a new set of Hok skis and bindings for $319. Or you can get our Hok package deal for $429, which includes the skis and bindings, plus Black Diamond Traverse Telescoping Ski Poles, Swix Universal Glide Wax and Swix Skin Wax. In either case, we can ship it in the 48 contiguous United States for free. If you live up in Canada, call us so we can give you the details on how we ship there.


  11. BryanApr 25, 2015

    Hi, i am looking to buy a canoe, something suitable for long tracks on flat water, but also including rivers, maybe a Nova Prospector 17, or equivalent. Im From Thunder Bay, so i much rather do the research first before making a trip.

    It needs to be fairly light, as i bring an extra 100ibs then most, in Camera Equipment.
    You can call my business number or email 8072525436.


  12. CharAug 13, 2018

    Do you have any used kayaks now?

  13. SHWSAug 14, 2018

    Hi Char,
    Please call the store at (218) 387-3136 and ask for Jack or Beth. They can help you with our used kayaks.

  14. Bernard BradyApr 26, 2019

    Hey all,
    Any used kayaks for sale?

  15. SHWSApr 26, 2019

    Hi Bernard,
    The best thing to do is call the store at (218) 387-3136 and ask for Beth. She’s usually there Monday – Friday.

  16. Brian MarshallJan 24, 2020

    Good morning!
    I’m a kayaker with 7-yrs experience on inland rivers and lakes in mid-WI. Am searching for the just right to be able to fill a “bucket list” idea I’ve had for a few years, of going around Lake Winnebago in a kayak. Haven’t figured out what size would be right. I have an 12′ Old Town Dirigo, which is stable enough, but only has the back dry hatch. I would ideally like to find a responsive kayak that has comfortable seat, that has easy access in and out for my 200 lb 65 year old body, that can hold the gear for an adventure on either lakes or rivers. Do you have any thoughts-recommendations on what might be the answer to my kayaking search? I’m familiar with the Grand Marais area, as for years we would travel to the UP with our snowmobiling club. Most of the club members have passed on, and have taken-up kayaking now to fill my wandering spirit. Sold my 2-OT canoes and bought 4-starter kayaks, just to get others out on the water to learn the basics. Now, I am looking for wider range of experiences. Thanks!

  17. SHWSJan 24, 2020

    Hi Brian,
    We want to clarify that we are in Grand Marais, Minnesota, not Grand Marais, Michigan (also a very nice town but we’re partial to our version of Grand Marais). Your best best is to call us at (218) 387-3136 and we can talk through kayak ideas with you. We have lots of people here who know and love kayaks. Please ask for one of our ACA-certified instructors: Jack, Beth, Kris or Jen.

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