Picture of Ty at the dock at Grand Portage

Ty has Finished his Expedition!

By Jack Stone

We were following along remotely as Ty trekked 250 miles across the frozen Minnesota wilderness. On Tuesday, March 9th, he completed that journey in Grand Portage. He insisted that he wasn’t finished with his trip until he reached the dock at Grand Portage. There he was greeted by family, friends and members of the Grand Portage Band of the Chippewa. He was presented with a blanket made by the Pine Ridge Reservation in appreciation for his sacrifice and the more than $40,000 he raised on the Ski for Fire Expedition.

The money Ty raised will be used for firewood for Pine Ridge, to combat the cold in the winter. Every year the band loses members who freeze to death because of the lack of firewood. John Morrin, council member of the Grand Portage Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, voiced the profoundness of Ty’s contribution when he remarked to me “Many say it is really sad that the members of Pine Ridge have it so rough but do nothing but feel badly. Ty stuck his neck out and did something.”

And by the way, don’t forget Sarah Hamilton, who has been working with the One Spirit Wood program. She also works with them in donating clothing and supplies. And she works with the Tribe to bring youth to Cook County to work in the summer, making money for their family and acquiring skills to take back to the the reservation and make everyone’s life a little better.

Picture of Grand Portage sign Picture of Ty on his cross-country skis, pulling a pulk behind him

Picture of Ty talking on the dock at Grand PortageTy being presented with blanket in appreciation for his expeditionPicture of Ty and a few of the people who supported him along the way

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