Trying out Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddle Boards

Because you want to know what you are buying

By Jack Stone

During these times, I am sure many of you just want to get away and spend time in the great outdoors. Ah … what to do, what to do? You go to your local outdoor retailer and find their doors are closed. Or maybe they are open but just don’t have what you are looking for. You want gear and advice but you find the stores are short-staffed and expertise is in short supply. You have been pining for that new watercraft all winter and now there is no one to help you.

Well, help is here! Come to Stone Harbor and you can find a great selection of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards to take out for a spin. With the coronavirus shipments have been held up for us also, but every day we get more and we are stocking the shelves daily. Want to try that boat or board out before you buy it? Because we too are short-staffed, we need advance reservations and there is a charge for the guided demo. But do not despair–that charge comes off the final price on any new watercraft you might buy. If you are out of town and we don’t have the exact color or new boat you want, in most cases we can get you what you need, where you need it.

And for the record, this is what we have:

  • Kayaks: Eddyline, Wilderness Systems, Perception, P&H and Venture.
  • Canoes: Langford and Nova Craft.
  • Stand up paddle boards: Pau Hana and Grey Duck
  • Inflatable paddle boards: Grey Duck, Pau Hana and Level Six
  • Inflatable kayaks: AquaGlide
  • Bikerafts: Kokapeli on the way––

That is quite the line up. And, we have professional instructors to help you on your way. So, what are you waiting for? Oh, I know, the North Shore Water Festival the third weekend of July. Well, that is still on–you are just going to have to stay flexible. We will wait a while before the final decision on whether or not that will go on as scheduled. The virus has to cooperate. But whether or not that goes as scheduled, we have decided that the last weekend of August, due to the State Fair cancellation, we are going to hold our own It’s Just Not Fair Water Festival. That gives us a chance to say good bye to another summer season.

So, hang in there, folks.

  1. CarolJun 04, 2020

    interested in trying out kayaks. have been on the big lake 3 summers with old boat from an outfitter. looking for something lighter. 16′ or longer. how do I sign up for this?

  2. SHWSJun 04, 2020

    Hi Carol,
    Just give us a call at (218) 387-3136 and we can set up a demo with you. We’ll ask you a few questions so we can help you demo the best kayak for you.

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