Time for Another Update

Picture of Jack paddling a kayak

We are taking this duty seriously

by Jack Stone

I thought it was time for another update as to what Stone Harbor Wilderness is doing and not doing during this hard time. First, we are not doing any kayak tours on Lake Superior right now. I am sure that is a complete surprise to most of you. Then again, maybe not.

Based on the Governor’s stay at home order, Stone Harbor is exempt from closure. We are taking this duty seriously and will continue to comply with Federal, State, and local authorities. We are continuing to be available for those people in Cook County who live off the grid. They need equipment and supplies to survive. They need food and we brought in extra Camp Chow for this very reason. We are also a government contractor for the Forest Service and DNR and we need to be here for them as well. We have also reached out to other businesses in the Grand Marais area and have offered to accept deliveries and store them at our store or our warehouse, as needed.

During the “stay at home” period, we will still have a team member in the store, answering the phone and taking care of projects and mail order. To minimize exposure, our doors are locked. If you need something in the store, you will need to call ahead. You can put it on a credit card, and we will have it waiting for you when you arrive.

That brings up the most important fact and that is the team that is working here. All of you as followers know the size of the store and all the little nooks and crannies here. The team members are isolated at home and are isolated at work, even from each other. We are all following the hygiene practices put down by the government of hand washing, wiping down surface and social distancing. We have had two members who have had to travel out of the area on emergency trips and we are following isolation practices as upon their return.

I do not take any of this lightly. As you can imagine in a small town located where we are, we are not making any money during this time. I haven’t cut any jobs and I have guaranteed my staff a paycheck through the end of May. And then we will look at it again. What I am saying is that obviously we are not staying here to make a profit. We are here for you and mostly for our local people. But we are not too proud to ask for your support in these trying ties. Please visit our web site and look at what we have on eBay and in our online store. Both of those are in progress so check back often. You have all been very important to us and we plan on seeing you this summer. Some of our suppliers are working to make supply and shipping work better for everyone concerned. We will point that out at a later date. But to give you an example, Eddyline Kayaks, Pau Hana, Level Six, Langford Canoe are all working with us to give you a great shopping experience and these are just the first. Buy a kayak or canoe and we will hold onto it either in the Twin Cities or in Grand Marais for summer pickup.

We will also be sending out emails to those on our email list and updating our Facebook regularly showing you new and exciting products for summer. If you are not on our mailing list, please contact us and we will get you added. I will try not to bore you with irrelevant information. There is enough of that going around. Hang in there folks and we will make it through these times together.

That’s Jack in the kayak. He was good at social distancing long before it became necessary.

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