The Shoulder Season

Alas, Hal Borland is right

by Susan Krage

I love winter–you have to when you choose to live in the Great North Woods. So I am always a tad melancholic when the weather starts to warm up. I’m not ready; never am. I want that one last skijor with my dogs; one last snowshoe hike up the hill; one last trout caught through the ice.

But alas, “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” – Hal Borland.

Learning to love spring has taken some time in recent years, but the shoulder season is how I am doing just that. I still have the snow up the hill and in the shade–so there are plenty of snowshoe hikes to take. As for the fishing–I look forward to the steelhead run, when I can dust off the fly rod and my hippies and see that flash of silver. The skijoring–well, that one is a little tougher. The last of the good cross-country skiing is usually awesome for people who like to skate ski because the ice under the most recent dusting of snow is fast. But I like to strap two bird dogs to me while I ski–and now I am entering the danger zone. It is fun, don’t get me wrong–but I am also riding that thin line of being in or out of control. So I usually leave that to the pros and just visit my favorite snowshoeing spots one last time. And then start dreaming of summer.

Those beautiful models at the top of the page belong to Susan Krage, as does the photo.

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