The Science and Reality of Leaf Colors

The Science and Reality of Leaf Colors

Just two miles outside of Grand Marais
and look at those vibrant reds.

The leaves are changing now but I’m betting next weekend will be theeee weekend to see colors in Grand Marais.

I was reading an article this morning about how and why leaves change colors. So much goes into the science of autumn leaf colors: spring rain, summer weather, daytime temperature, nighttime temperature, cloud cover and a whole lot of tree chemistry that I don’t understand.

While I may not understand all of the theory of leaf color, I definitely appreciate the reality of it. And the Grand Marais area offers its own unique laboratory of leaf color experimentation.

You see, I’ve been taking pictures in town as the leaves change. However, as I got home last night and looked around, I realized that being two miles out of town and one mile off the big lake makes quite a difference for leaf colors.

Next weekend the colors should be fabulous. You can drive from Grand Marais up the Gunflint Trail and see for yourself how the colors change. And if you take some great pictures, please share them with us!


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