Picture of Beth hiking in winter with her two daughters

The Day Has Come

By Jack Stone

A few years ago, Beth Poliquin came into Stone Harbor just looking around. After a short while I come to find that she was a avid outdoorsperson and had much experience guiding off the Hawaiian Islands. Ummm….outdoorsperson, kayaker, educated and articulate. Seemed like a no brainer to me. After a bit she was working in the store a few hours a week, then full time and a short time after that, my general manager.

She has been the store’s anchor for the past couple of years. Guests have found her to be knowledgeable and always there for them. The team members in the store have found the same. (Lot easier dealing with Beth than the crabby old guy upstairs in the office.)

Beth and I worked through the store closing during COVID last year and when our staff returned it was like they never left. Even on the craziest days around here, she was the stabilizing force.

Well, the day I always knew might come has come. Mike, Beth’s other side, has gotten promoted and the family is moving to Maine. It is closer to where both Beth and Mike were raised and where their families reside. We are going to miss them as a family. I am going to miss Beth’s guidance and work ethic. I am just going to miss Natalie and Sophia when they would come in to visit their mom.

A lot of you who are reading this have gotten to know Beth over the years and I am sure you too will miss her. If you get a chance to see her when traveling through, wish her well. We/I will be eternally grateful to have known and worked with Beth. Beth, Mike, Natalie and Sophia, I will miss you all. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  1. AnonymousJun 05, 2021

    Best of luck to you Beth. Thank you for all you did in supporting our community by sharing with each other’s your passion for the outdoors.

  2. AnonymousJun 05, 2021

    Thanks So much Beth, enjoyed the store and always seem to stop in on the way hiking, x-cross skiing, or BWCA. Thanks so much for taking us to Two Island Lake on such late notice with my cousin from Iowa:), it was a enjoyable kayak paddle and educational, even if you’re getting old. We’ll look you up in Maine when we travel there this fall if you plan on working up there.
    Duane Glew

  3. MichaelJun 08, 2021

    Wishing you the best on your new adventures. Thanks for all your help and wisdom over the past few years.

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