Summer Fashions

Beth is sitting in a chair, wearing a brightly colored top and white leggings

The latest trends in summer fashions

by Colleen Kleve

Summer evokes a wide variety of images. For many of us in the northern climate, who maneuver the elements a good portion of the year, the ease of daily mechanics is top of mind. To be able to throw on a simple single layer of clothing for a summer day is a welcomed treat!

Summer 2017 brings with it a touch of vintage patterning, paired with a very clean and simple white color palette. This combination is light and easy feeling. While white has not been a seasonally restricted color for some time now, we are seeing much more white apparel this summer than we have in many years. The clean, simplistic powers of white never go out of style. From yoga wear to wedding attire, white dominates fashion this summer. Florals in large print and muted hues are also prevalent. The patterns are soft and sweeping, rather than hard line driven. And we are seeing pattern-on-pattern for a fun, vintage look, as well as white solo for an easy monochromatic look that never goes out of style.

Stone Harbor has a large selection of summer apparel for both men and women. We carry several quality clothing lines that are specific to your outdoor activities, as well as lifestyle pieces that you can’t easily find in your standard mall retailers. So, stop in and check out our summer collections.

  1. Julias RoyAug 29, 2017

    Love your summer fashions clothes. Stone Harbor has a huge stock of summer collection for man and women. They published various quality dress code especially outdoor movements. Its product is reliable and used friendly feel comfortable at summer.Thanks for your great presentation on this summer collection.

  2. SHWSSep 08, 2017

    Thanks for the kind words!

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