Steelhead Alert – 5/5/13

Kadunce MN 2 Steelhead

Steelhead Alert – 5/5/13

Picture of Kadunce River at mouth of Lake Superior

The Kadunce is looking pretty murky.

Picture of Devil Track River

Devil Track isn’t looking any better.

Picture of Kadunce River in Northern Minnesota

The water is running fast.

Kadunce River in Cook County, MN

Water levels should rise with the runoff


I checked out the Kadunce and Devil Track  Rivers this morning. Kadunce had only one person still fishing. Report was that someone had hooked into a pretty good size fish this morning but lost it. There were more folks at Devil Track but fishing there was also slow. With the cooler temps we have been having, the water is running fast but it is clearing up. As the weather warms, the water will cool down with the runoff and water levels will rise for a few days. Next weekend is looking good, unless we get some nasty weather. Right now the forecast is for warmer temperatures in Grand Marais by midweek, so by the weekend the rivers should have settled down.

  1. MarkMay 05, 2013

    Top of the day –

    Any chance of fishing Friday…..know a bit about Northshore from when i was a kid but would love to spend a day fishing Steelhead and enjoying peace from daily grind of operating two school districts. Thanks much !



  2. BrianMay 05, 2013

    I was a week too early… next year!

  3. JackMay 06, 2013

    Thanks for the comment. We are scheduling for next weekend right now. Someone will call you today and set something up.

  4. JackMay 06, 2013

    For Brian….

    The weather was cool, well ok it was cold. But a day out on our rivers and streams is still a day in paradise. When Steelhead fishing you have to be flexible and able to drop everything and head to the rivers on those days that Mother Nature decides it is right. We look forward to seeing you again.

  5. BrianMay 06, 2013

    Indeed it is… now if the fish would just be more accommodating of my schedule! It was a good day and I learned some new tricks… Thanks! PS. even got to see a wolf on Saturday and a lot of really cool waterfalls.

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