Steelhead Alert – 5/10/13

Elbow Lake Near Grand Marais MN

Steelhead Alert – 5/10/13

Picture of Elbow Lake near Grand Marais, MN. There is quite a bit of snow still on the lake.

Elbow lake is just a short distance out of Grand Marais and there is still snow on the road. With all this snow and ice, there is no dock at the public landing yet.

Picture of Iron Lake on the Gunflint Trail, showing quite a bit of ice on the water

Iron Lake is a little further up the Gunflint Trail–maybe 18 or 19 miles north of Grand Marais.
It still has plenty of ice as well.

The snow is finally receding on the Gunflint Trail (although the lakes still have plenty of ice). When Scott came in the morning, he said he thought that due to the cooler weather, the rivers are not as high and are clearing up. As I drove up the Gunflint Trail, I noticed that the flow of Devil Track River as it crosses the Gunflint looked swift but not raging. However, after an hour up the trail, I noticed much more urgency on the part of the Devil Track. That means the remaining snow is melting today and the flow is stronger. Steelhead may be a little tough this weekend.

Looks like you still have time to submit a guess in our First Annual Ice Out Prediction Contest. Of course, even if the fishing isn’t up to par yet, a day on the Gunflint Trail still beats a day just about anywhere else. And you can always spend Mother’s Day at the annual Naniboujou Mother’s Day Brunch — that’s where you’ll find all the locals come Sunday.

Picture of Poplar Lake taken from the Trail Center front yard. There is quite a bit of snow on the lake.

Poplar Lake is about 28 miles up the Gunflint Trail. It still plenty of ice, so I guess the Ice Out Prediction Contest will be going on for a bit yet.

Picture of Poplar Lake along the Gunflint Trail. You can see lots of snow on the lake.

Sarah over the Trail Center sent me this picture of Poplar Lake. There may be plenty of snow,
but it sure is pretty, isn’t it?

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