Small world, big fish

Small world, big fish

Picture of Jeff and Cathy Olson, and Jack Stone. Jeff and Cathy are each holding a very large Northern fish that they caught.

When the fish are this big, you know there are some good stories to go along with the picture.

Everyday at Stone Harbor is an adventure. What I really like to do is cruise the store and chat with our visitors. When doing this, I always try to find out where everyone is from. Many times they are from areas where I have lived, or I know people who live there.

Today was one of those days. As I walked downstairs, I was greeted by a guy who was going fly fishing with Chris. He asked if I was the owner and when I answered in the affirmative, he shook my hand and said his name was Jeff Olson and that he was the brother of Eric, whom I hunt with in Montana. Jeff had won the SnoFest silent auction adventure tour at Cathedral High School in New Ulm, which is where I graduated and that is how I knew is older brother. Not only that, but he had been taught in the grade school by my mother!! Wow, how great is that?

And Jeff’s wife, Cathy, who also went fly fishing, has been working in New Ulm for one of my oldest friends, Andy Biebl. So, not only was it a day where I could meet someone from my life a long time ago, but I also got to see a donation we gave to my alma mater be well used.

And in case you missed it, Jeff and Cathy caught a couple of really fine northerns on fly rods. Not bad for the first time out!

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