Summer Rentals

Call (218) 387-3136 to reserve your rental gear or learn more about the gear we have available.

  • Canoe :: $50 per day

Stone Harbor rents durable, lightweight canoes by Langford and Novacraft. Canoe rentals include canoe, paddles and PFDs for all users. Canoes are available in different sizes so call us at 218.387.3136 so we can help you get the best canoe for your voyage.

  • Yakima Dry Dock Watersport Rack :: $10 per day

The Yakima Dry Dock Watersport Rack is specifically designed for carrying boats on a truck. It fits a 2″ receiver and can carry Stone Harbor canoes, kayaks or SUPs. The Yakima Dry Dock rental includes the rack and straps for securing your watercraft.

Cooking Gear
  • Single Burner Camp Stove :: $10 per day
  • 1-4 person cook kit (includes pots & pans, plates, utensils & cups :: $10 per day

After all, who wants cold, soggy oatmeal?

Fishing Gear
  • Fishing Boots & Waders :: $25 per day
  • Fly Fishing Rod & Reel :: $20 per day
  • Fly Fishing Rod & Reel with Boots & Waders :: $35 per day
  • Spincast Rod & Reel (includes a small tackle box with a few select lures):: $20 per day

It may not quite be heaven, but fishing in Northern Minnesota is probably as close as you’re gonna get in this lifetime.

Fishing Vessels
  • SuperCat 50 or 60″ Inflatable UltraLite Pontoon (includes oars, oar locks, kick fins, waders and a pump) :: $50 per day

With countless lakes maintaining a quality native fish population and over 120 currently or previously stocked lakes in Cook County, it only seems logical that Stone Harbor would have excellent means for any angler to pursue the next trophy fish. We had to try out all the boats first (darn!) before we could give you the best possible options. Whether you prefer kayak or pontoon kick-boat, we have super-stable vessels that can get you to your fishing hole. And because we like repeat business, all fishing vessels include PFDs.

  • Solo Kayak :: $50 per day
  • Tandem Kayak :: $50 per day

Kayaking is a fantastic way to explore the Grand Marais area! At Stone Harbor, we understand kayaking and we pride ourselves in having an excellent selection of high quality, stable kayaks. Call us at 218.387.3136 to select the best one for your excursion. Kayak rentals include kayak, spray skirt and bilge pump, as well as paddles and PFDs for all users.

Packs & Food Barrels
  • Deuter ACT Lite 50 + 10 Backpack :: $25 per day
  • Cooke Custom Sewing Portage Pack :: $10 per day
  • Bear Resistant Food Barrel with backpack harness :: $10 per day

Planning to hike the Superior Hiking Trail for a couple of days? We picked out Deuter’s ACT Lite 50 + 10 backpack just for you! It’s got lightweight creds without skimping on technical performance. You are going to love the anatomical shoulder straps, padded hip belt, strategically placed pockets and sturdy x-frame. On the other hand, if your heart is set on canoeing, you need a portage pack. A well-designed portage pack sits low in the canoe for balance; rides low on your back so you can wear it while portaging your canoe; and is still comfortable when you take those overly-ambitious portages. That’s why we provide Cooke Custom Sewing portage packs–they know how to design packs! And the bear resistant food barrel? Well that makes food storage so much easier.

Paddling Accessories
  • PFD :: $5 per day
  • Wetsuit :: $10 per day
  • Canoe, Kayak or SUP Paddle :: $5 per day

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference in your comfort.

Sleeping Bags & Pads
  • Sleeping Bag :: $10 per day
  • Sleeping Pad :: $5 per day
  • Sleeping Cot :: $10 per day

What are the top three tips for an awesome camping adventure? (1) Get a good night’s sleep, (2) get a good night’s sleep, (3) get a good night’s sleep.

Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • Stand Up Paddle Board :: $50 per day

Discover for yourself what has quickly become the fastest growing sport in the outdoor industry. Stone Harbor does it right by renting some of the best boards available from Pau Hana. These boards are stable enough for beginners to enjoy, and yet still maintain a high level of performance for the more advanced paddler. Stand Up Paddleboard rental includes board, paddle and PFD.

Tents & Tarps
  • 3-Person Tent :: $25 per day
  • 4-Person Tent :: $25 per day
  • 1-Person Camping Hammock (includes bug net and rain fly) :: $15 per day

Your tent is your home away from home, so we take care to ensure your traveling abode has plenty of comforts. All tents include the tent, hardware and footprint.

Trekking Poles
  • Black Diamond Adjustable Trekking Poles :: $10 per day
You must sign the Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply Rental Agreement, Waiver and Release of Liability form prior to renting any equipment from Stone Harbor. Please call us at 218-387-3136 if you have any questions about the physical requirements or the risks associated with the use of this equipment.

Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply requires a 20% deposit of the total rental price at the time of reservation. The remaining balance is due at the time of pickup. If a cancellation notice is given greater than 14 days, a refund is granted, minus a $20 processing fee. Cancellation within 14 days results in a loss of the deposit.

All watercraft rentals are intended for inland lake use only. We do not rent for use on Lake Superior without ACA certification. All rentals are priced based on a 24 hour period, unless otherwise noted.

We are committed to your safety. Our safety policy can be found here.

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