Rental News: Langford Canoes

Rental News: Langford Canoes

For decades, Langford Canoes have been known as the finest canoe available on the Canadian market. These days, they’re extending their reach into the US. Interested in learning more? You can test-paddle these canoes at several locations in Minnesota, including Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply. You can even rent one here, and take it out for the entire day!

Langford canoe at sunsetStone Harbor’s parent company, Fall River Trading, began importing these canoes in 2009 in order to offer a level of quality beyond what is available on the US market today. While there are a number of strong brands here, none can match the workmanship of a Langford canoe. The master craftsmen at Langford have been refining their designs for decades, keeping what works and improving whenever possible – whether it’s through new technology or stronger/lighter/better materials.

We’d love to give you the option to try a Langford, and experience the difference for yourself. Give us a call at 218-387-3136 or email us today to set up a time to come in for a test paddle, or to arrange for a full-day rental.

Are you interested in buying a used canoe, kayak or SUP from our rental fleet? Call us at 218-387-3136 and we’ll give you the details on how you can own high quality, previously enjoyed paddling gear at an affordable price.


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