Our Team

The best part about our store is the people in it

Sure, we have all sorts of great gear and clothing, but the people in our store are what really make it special. Here’s your chance to get to know a little bit about our team.


I opened Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply in June of 2010, after moving up to Grand Marais a couple of years prior. The first time I traveled in the Boundary Waters and Quetico was in 1962, with a group of Boy Scouts out of New Ulm, Minnesota. It was a 10-day trip out of Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base in Ely and that trip sold me on this part of the country.

After graduating from the College of St. Thomas, I worked for a little time for The Lob Pine in Roseville, Minnesota, before it was bought out by EMS. Then I spent a couple of years with Eddie Bauer in downtown Minneapolis. At the time, Eddie Bauer was in the forefront in selling high quality downwear and outdoor equipment. It made a huge impression on me and I always told myself that if I was ever able to open a high adventure shop, I was going to base it on my Bauer experience. It took me many years and a career as an oil marketer and trader and finally I have been able to attain my dream.

So, welcome to my world.

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite thing to do: Spend time with my grandkids. I live for that.

Favorite kayak route: Little Trout Bay

Favorite place to eat besides home: You really think I’d answer that? You have to come in and ask.


General Manager

Stone Harbor has been a perfect fit for me, since my husband and I moved to Grand Marais in 2016. It merges my recreational interests with personal and professional strengths and challenges. As the General Manager, I have always felt honored to lead a team of people who are passionate about the outdoors, and just as passionate about helping others experience them as safely and comfortably as possible. My favorite thing about the store isn’t the cool gear, clothes and shoes; it’s connecting with the people who walk through our doors and learning from their adventures. Grand Marais is an amazing place with no shortage of different lakes and trails to explore, which I do with my husband and our two daughters.

I’ve always loved to be on the water and I’m equally happy in a kayak or on a stand-up-paddle board. I came to the midwest with some whitewater river (in Virginia and West Virginia) and ocean (in Hawaii) paddling experience. It has been so much fun to continue to grow as a paddler here with the American Canoe Association both in my own skills and as an instructor and trip leader. I sometimes still get to take our guests out kayaking or stand-up-paddle boarding and count myself privileged to be able to share what I love with others.

Favorite shoes: Oboz

Favorite place to paddle: Somewhere new

All things design

This is the tag line you will find on my social, professional and personal endorsements. Simply stated, this covers it all. My love of design and how to place, coordinate and display with cohesion and contrast. Be it paint, clothing, furnishings, in fashion or interiors, design is my clear passion.

I studied Fashion Merchandising at Stout University. The name of the game on any given day is design in some form. Working as a designer, I can be found dressing windows, creating a floor layout or maybe huddled up with a client finding the perfect palette. “The color wheel is the color wheel” is an answer I often use. The elements of design are universal and the happy place for me.

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite shoes: Flip-flops

Web site & social media

Growing up in the driftless region of southeastern Minnesota, water and hills are my home. I’m happiest when I’m skiing or paddling and luckily my husband agrees (we met at Buck Hill). I love to share that passion for the outdoors with others. I spent eight winters in Crested Butte, Colorado, teaching adaptive skiing and now I volunteer with Courage Kenny’s adaptive ski program and the Lake Harriet adaptive sailing program. And if you are in Grand Marais for the water festival, let me teach you how to paddle board–you’ll love it!

Web design and social media feed the geek side of me (I have a degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University). Basically, I share pretty pictures and nice stories on the web.

Favorite season: Winter. Definitely winter.

Favorite events: Winter Sports Clinic for Disabled Veterans at Snowmass, Ski Geeks Clinic at Loveleand, and Grand Marais Water Festival

Picture of Jake Patten


I’m looking forward to meeting you!  Thank you for visiting our store and our community!  I’m here to support, help and encourage my coworkers, and to equip people to conquer their fears in nature and in life!

This county has been my beloved home since I was born, and although I left upon graduating high school, I returned for the love of our wilderness and this people.  My hope is that your time here will cause you to want to return as well, in anticipation of another meaningful connection with nature or other adventurous sojourners.

While this wilderness is beautiful and alluring, it is not void of risk and even danger for those who are unaware, unprepared or haphazard.  Thus, we at Stone Harbor will help equip you to master your experience, allowing you to get close to, wrestle with and conquer the waters, terrains and elements, and go home with stories and memories that will soon cause you to return with a desire for more!


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