Our Best BWCAW Trips

Marty Berglin Canoe BWCA Best Trip

Our Best BWCAW Trips

Picture of a canoe on the shore at sunset

Our thanks to Marty Berglin for letting us post this gorgeous picture.

We love the BWCAW, so it wasn’t hard to get our outdoor exports at Stone Harbor to dish on their favorite BWCAW trip. Check it out and share a trip of your own in the Comments below.

Phil: Berry season on the Kawishiwi River. (Apparently these guys didn’t have Phil’s foresight to wait for the berries. That’s okay because they still gave us a great video and they left more berries for the rest of us.)

Annette: When my sister and I flew up into Quetico and paddled for 14 days.

Jan: Later September, early October. Warm during the days, wonderfully chilly at night and NO BUGS!

Jack: Ester Lake. Was it the smallmouth fishing? The great beach? The big cedars on the portage? Jack wouldn’t say so I guess you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Megan: When I was 12 years old I went with my dad, stepmom, stepbrother. We saw moose so we stuck to the other side of the island.

Beth: Second week of September, anywhere there are no people. The water’s still warm enough to swim. The kids are gone. The mosquitoes are gone. The leaves are changing.

Chris: Rose Lake, early in the season for Lake Trout fishing. (By the way, there are two Rose Lakes in Minnesota–the other one is in Otter Tail County.)

Nickie: I went with a friend up the Sawbill on a three day trip. A bear stole our food on the first night because we didn’t have it properly hung. We decided to stay anyway and had a great time.

Ann: My aunt and uncle were brave enough to take a bunch of their nieces and nephews and we had a blast!

Scott: I’m a Quetico guy. I’ve only been in the BWCA once but I’ve been to Quetico about 40 times. Good point, Scott. We’ll have to talk about Quetico in another blog.

Webmaster note: If you love Marty’s stunning photography as much as we do, check out his web site.

  1. ModestoDec 14, 2015

    My wife and I did a four day trip out of Lake One this Labor Day weekend. Not much hope for stdoiule, right?We spent the first night on Lake Three, where we felt lucky to get a site and saw and heard several other parties. But, the next day we headed off the beaten path a bit and ended up camped the second night on a dead end lake at a campsite with plentiful firewood and not much sign that it had been used often this summer. We moved just one lake the next day, and didn’t see a soul that entire day. All told, we went about 36 hours without seeing another person on that trip. It was just what I needed.

  2. SHWSDec 14, 2015

    So glad you were able to have such a nice trip! We are truly blessed in our little piece of paradise.

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