Oh, The Things You Will See!

Squirrel In Autumn Leaves

Oh, The Things You Will See!

Picture of a squirrel resting on a tree branch among autumn leaves

Inland lake tours offer fantastic wildlife viewing.

Many visitors to Grand Marais come with plans to take a kayak tour on Lake Superior. But did you know that you have the option of kayaking on an inland lake?

Where Lake Superior can be intimidating to some, an inland paddle may be just what you need. On the big lake you are looking out over the vast expanse of water but on these lakes you can see shoreline all around you. And on that shoreline you may get a glimpse of a bear or moose. Maybe a deer or a squirrel. There is an abundance of wildlife!  It’s a great place to take some pictures. We stop along the way to take a break so you can stretch your legs, take even more pictures and enjoy a snack.

This is the best time of year to do it. You can see the changing colors and on those crisp, sunny days the colors seem so much more vibrant. The bugs for the most part are gone, so you have a chance to enjoy the quiet and solitude of these nearby lakes.

When we go inland there are a number of great lakes that are within 10 miles of the store. A couple of our favorites are Two Island and Northern Light lakes. So next time you are thinking of going on a kayak tour, ask about an inland tour. It may open up a whole new world and you may find a new favorite place to go next time you are visiting us.

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