Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

The perfect way to usher in summer: paddle your new kayak under the full moon. Yep, took possession of my new Wilderness Systems Tsunami 160 and have been waiting impatiently for the snow to melt. (It was a long spring!)

May’s full moon occurred during the long Memorial Day weekend. So I loaded the kayak onto my slick Yakima rack (Hully Rollers and a Mako Saddle are the way to go!), drove down to Lake Superior’s edge and launched into the frigid waters an hour before moonrise. Spent the next hour cutting through two foot swells, getting used to the feel of my boat, and wishing I had a pair of paddling gloves on. Had just enough time to feel muscles that have grown unused to paddling during the winter months start to tire.

I kept looking for the moon to rise over the shoreline. And kept looking. And then there was a small sliver of red on the southeast horizon. At first I thought it was a tanker running with its deck lights on. Instead, the moon rose large, round, and very orange over the lake’s horizon. Intensely beautiful to watch.

After watching the moon rise and the stars come out, I realized: Hey, it’s dark out here! Hard to find the beach where the car is parked in the dark! So I rode the waves back to the beach, found my ride, and packed back up until my next voyage.

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