Picture of Jack paddling a kayak

In January? Really?

Here we are in January. The snows have come and the temperatures have dipped. It has gotten a little chilly, even for those of us on the North Shore. Fortunately, living near the lake has it advantages. When it is -20 in the Gunflint Trail, we still have a balmy -5. Talk about the tropics! And with that balmy weather, who can even think of snow sports? Heck, the ice will be out soon, sort of. Well in a moth or two or four, but who’s keeping track?

To get us through this cold weather our thoughts turn to…..drum roll….paddle sports.

Paddle sports? In January? Well you are correct. And why are we talking paddle sports now? I am letting you in a little secret: Now is the time to buy. We happen to have some old inventory we want to move so we can get some new models into our warehouse.

Let’s start with fishing kayaks. This is where you see lots of changes every year but unless you need the absolute latest designs, now is the time to buy at 40% off. We are running low in these but we still have some Wilderness System Rides, Threshers, Commanders and A.TA.K.s in stock.

And if you are buying a boat, you need paddles. There too, we have some great buys. We have Cannon paddles at 40% off also. Why are they discounted? Because they are older models. Do you see a pattern here?

We still have a few Bomber Gear dry and semi-dry water sportswear items left. Why are they discounted? Bet you think it is because they are older models? Well no. This was a high quality paddle accessory company that closed their doors a while back, so get the gear while you can.

We also have Bending Branches paddles at a discount for a very limited time. And why would you buy Bending Branches paddles? Well, besides the fact that they are very high quality, they are from right down the road in Osceola, Wisconsin. How cool is that?

So, while you are reading all of you paddling magazines, getting ready for the thaw, stock up at great prices. Call us at the store for specifics. You will also find some pricing on our eCommerce site…you should be watching that anyway for other great gear.

That is all I have for now. I think I will look out my office window at the wide open lake. Do you know that the East Bay seldom freezes over? Maybe with some of this great dry suit gear, I could go out and paddle around some. Or, maybe get another cup of coffee and watch the sea smoke on the horizon.

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