Ice Out Alert – 5/16/13

Ice By George Hodan

Ice Out Alert – 5/16/13

picture of ice frozen in beautiful crystals

Ice picture by George Hodan

We received this note from Nichole Borson of the Tofte Ranger District. We will continue to post more ice out information as we get it.

Good Morning Everyone-

Hopefully you are enjoying this weather and it is taking all the ice away in a quick hurry. I just wanted to let you all know the information about ice conditions have been slow in coming. Hopefully with the last few days of wind and warmth things are progressing quickly. I  spoke with the hanger today and they are not planning on coming over this far east today and I’m not allowed to request flight. We did give dispatch a list of lakes to check on so IF there is an East Zone detection flight I will let you know when I hear. I have been keeping my ear open to the radio.

Most of the information has been word of mouth so if you have anything thing to share let us know. We have also been checking the different blogs, to see what you folks are posting, and as I was typing this email I received more information from Patty Johnson.

This is what I know for now:

  • Sag corridor is open up to Clarks Island
  • Sawbill is open
  • Kawishiwi open
  • Polly is open
  • Pheobe  is open
  • Round Lake is open
  • I’m guessing Gull Lake is open.
  • I heard Iron Lake is open
  • Hungry Jack is mostly open
  • Most small, round lake are open.
  • Most long, skinny lakes in an east/west orientation (i.e. those in the Vento Unit) are not open.
  • Dumbell – frozen
  • Silver Island – open
  • Caribou – 50% open
  • Pike – open
  • Devil Track – frozen
  • Trout/Elbow – open
  • Greenwood – frozen
  • Tom – frozen
  • Swamp – frozen
  • Pine – frozen
  • Brule – frozen
  • Long Island – open
  • Tuscarora/Little Sag/Gillis/Gabby – frozen
  • Seagull – 40%
  • East Bearskin is open as far as you can see from the landing
  • As of Tuesday a group went to Ham to Cross Bay and they had to break a thin sheet of ice.

I have been trying to drive around to get my own personal information about the camping and fishing opportunities outside of the BWCAW and things are progressing nicely.

Nichole didn’t mention Poplar Lake but as of right now, there is still ice on it. We’ll let you know when that changes.


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