Hennessy Hammocks


I have used these since the beginning

By Jack Stone

Every year it seems the popularity of hammock camping builds more and more. We have carried hammocks that you can buy piecemeal—the hammock, the mosquito netting, rain fly and straps all separately. That works great for those who might want only bits and pieces.

This year, in addition to what we normally carry, we are adding Hennessy Hammocks to the store. I have used one of these since the beginning. Over that time, the design has changed some but when you buy HH, you buy the whole unit—hammock, fly, netting and straps at one price.

We will have the Expedition Classic and Zip for those under six feet and the Explorer Deluxe Classic and Zip for those of us over six feet.

For those who aren’t familiar with HH, the difference between the classic and zip is that the classic closure is Velcro and the zip is…well, a zipper. They come with 42 inch straps.

To get a real good idea of who HH is, take a look at their website and watch their videos. We included one of our favorites here:





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