Four Things You Need To Know About Nemo Losi 3p Tent

Four Things You Need to Know About Nemo’s Losi 3p Tent

by Jackson Nickolay

A couple weeks ago I took the Nemo Losi 3p tent out to give it a run in the Superior National Forest. Despite the fact that we started late, it rained, and the bugs decided we looked like a tasty entree, we had a great time. And most of that had to do with the fact that we bought the Losi 3p along.

Here are my top four favorite things about Nemo’s Losi 3p tent:

Nemo-Losi-tent-interior1. All in one place.

The first thing of note about the Losi is it’s super compact stuff sack. The roll out design contains all required pieces of the Losi within one sack and rolls up to 23” x 7” and around five pounds for either stuffing in your pack or attaching to the pack exterior.

2. This tent sets up super fast!

I kid you not, it takes no more than five minutes to set up the Losi. The ease and speed with which this tent goes up is phenomenal. The innovative Jake’s feet “ball-and socket” snap in corners make getting the tent upright a breeze and the integrated snap points for the rain fly are easy to use and again make the process extremely streamlined. A couple stakes later and we are set. The Losi rain fly secures to eight stake points with the option for more ties, in case you get caught in a windstorm.


3. A liveable space.

As I said, the bugs were out in full force that night, so we spent a good deal of time inside the Losi. The interior of the tent was spacious, even with Nemo’s gear loft in. There were four of us chillin’ in that tent for about three hours, playing games and hanging out and there was room to spare. We could have easily fit another three people in there, if we had needed to do so. The large vestibules and included storage pouches helped immensely with organization. Add the gear loft to that equation and we kept all of our gear safe and dry and still had a ton of open tent space.

4. Dry as a bone.

Halfway through the night, we got poured on. A huge rain system came through and just dumped on us. But the waterproof base on the Losi had our backs (literally). We weathered the storm without incident and were completely dry the next day.

Nemo’s Losi 3p tent really made the trip. It was an ideal hangout when the bugs were crazy; an effective shelter from the storm; took no more than five minutes to put up or take down; and a splendid time was had by all!

Want to see the setup in action? Check it out here. Yea, Stone Harbor has a YouTube channel. Keep checking back for more great video.


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