Fall Hiking in Grand Marais

Maple Hill Church Fall Leaves 2013

Fall Hiking in Grand Marais

Picture of Jack's older dog after a long day of hiking

Yesterday I thought this old friend might have to retire from hunting but today he’s frisky again, so the jury is still out.

In my mind, fall is the greatest time of the year in the Grand Marais area. Of course, at the beginning of each new season I probably tell you that season is the best. But that tells you anytime you come to Grand Marais, you will have a great time.

Yesterday morning I decided to take my friends out for another long walk. What a spectacular day for a hike! It rained quite hard on Saturday and the wind kicked up and knocked down a lot of leaves.

The hike was sort of a test for the older one, since I intend to take in a pretty intense bird hunting trip soon. My suspicions were right: he needs to retire, so he will be staying home.

I did not go out with hunting in mind and left my shotgun at home. I heard a couple of birds flushing off the trail but saw nothing.

Picture of Maple Hill Church surrounded by the changing leaves of fall

Maple Hill Church offers a picturesque view
of the autumn leaves

What I did see was a few other hikers. It is really great to run into folks on the trail whom I have talked to in the store. Two young women were hiking the Superior Hiking Trail and had been in to buy a few things yesterday. I reminded them that in the future they can leave a food cache in our back room so they can resupply without a lot trouble. Quite a few folks have Fed-Exed supplies in before their trips. When they stop by for their shipped supplies, they can pick up any other items they may have forgotten.

But going back to my hike: it was a great way to recharge my batteries. Living and working up here, I have a tendency to forget why I moved here in the first place. Days like yesterday I need to file away and remind myself often.

I tried to take some pictures along the trail but my camera had other ideas, so I went over to Maple Hill Church and took a nice fall picture there. Moral of the story: don’t rely on technology–come to Grand Marais and experience fall’s grandeur in person.

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