Picture of Jen packing a box of Camp Chow and gear for one of our customers

You can still get your favorite clothing and gear from us

by Jack Stone

After a lot of soul searching and discussions with our staff, it has been decided that until this virus passes, we have locked our doors to the general public. Let me assure you that you can still get your favorite clothing and gear from us, but our interaction and delivery systems are now evolving.

I was hoping to be open for those folks who needed last-minute supplies while social-distancing in nature. I had told the staff we would stay open as long as they are comfortable and they are no longer comfortable. I have vulnerable team members and I would not be able to live with myself if something happened to one of them.
We continue to be here for you. We have our eBay site that we are updating constantly. We are working quickly to get our eCommerce site set back up. We are taking orders by phone and shipping them to your door. Or if you prefer, we have curbside delivery. And Jen is working on curbside rentals.

We are here to answer all your questions about your summer adventures. We have the expertise to help you over the phone. Heck, we may even set up a Skype account. Not sure how this technology-illiterate person is going to work with that, but we will see. And don’t forget, we have just put in another order of Camp Chow for those of you who can’t find what you need at your grocery stores. Plus, our team has some special projects that you’ll be seeing in the next few weeks.

Until this passes, please be safe and be well. We are striving to open our doors again, stronger and better than ever. And of course, both your past and future support is certainly appreciated.

That’s Jen packing up a box for one of our customers who ordered by phone.

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