Cook County Fishing Opener Preview

Kadunce River 05 04 14

Cook County Fishing Opener Preview

Picture of Elbow Lake in Cook County, Minnesota. The lake is iced over and there is snow over the lake, as well as the road leading up to the lake.

Elbow Lake, like most of the lakes here in Cook County, will probably be iced over for the fishing opener.

Picture of the road leading to the Elbow Lake landing. You can see a little of the road underneath but mainly you see snow and trees.

The road to the Elbow Lake. The snow is melting fast but I need to find another spot for fishing opener.


It was sunny yesterday–a perfect day to scope out possibilities for the Minnesota fishing opener in Cook County and to enjoy the beautiful scenery here. The Kadunce is open and running hard. What a change from the last pictures I took!




Picture of the Kadunce River, with logs and rocks on the shore in the foreground. You can see that the water is flowing rapidly.

The Kadunce is flowing hard. Look for some still pools
if you are planning to fish for Steelhead next weekend.

The lakes will be frozen for the opener but one should try for some Steelhead (okay–if we have to). I can’t predict yet how the Steelhead fishing will be because I have no idea how the weather will be this week and how much run-off we’ll have above. There is still a lot of snow upstream. In saying that, I would think Steelhead is the route to go next weekend.

Picture of the spot where the Kadunce River flows into Lake Superior

There is something mesmerizing about this spot where
the Kadunce flows into Lake Superior. I might just have to
go back another hundred times or so to figure out what it is.

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