Chosen Hiker and Camp Chow

Chosen Hiker and Camp Chow

Picture of Gail Lowe and Jack standing outside of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply

That’s Gail standing with Jack outside of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply.
She has given invaluable feedback for Camp Chow.

As we bid adieu to Chosen Hiker, Gail Lowe, let’s wish her luck. Those of us who have hiked some of the local trails she is going to take know it is going to be a rough road. We had a blow down a week ago and have not heard many reports back from the Border Route Trail. After she finishes that, she is heading to the Kekakabic Trail, which was not cleaned up after the big blow down a few years ago and now after last week, who knows what is in store. Fortunately she has a friend coming to join her on that segment and he has hiked it in the past.

One of the best things that has come out of her visit has been her interest in Camp Chow food. Anyone who has followed our Facebook and web knows what huge supporters we are of Sarah Hamilton and the camp food she makes at Trail Center. She drops off samples at the store whenever she needs to test new recipes and our staff gives her feedback. The feedback is almost always unanimously positive. I have told stories of serving up her Berry cheesecake for a pot luck and everyone thought I was some master chef…until they discovered it was all Sarah.

Last week I got an email from Sarah saying she had samples of her new line of individual servings that she is developing for some endurance athletes and backpackers. She had a variation of this food for Nathan Schroeder when he ran in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race and Lonnie Dupre for his solo Denali quest.  She was going to drop off some samples for me and I suggested that she give them to Gail to see what she thinks. These samples had hand written directions and the portions were not quite right yet, but this is in the early stages.

Picture of Patch, an English Setter, licking Gail Lowe's face

We are all going to miss Gail, but none more so than Patch.

If Sarah  moves as quickly with this as she has with her other foods, the end product should be ready to go soon. The problem is going to be distribution if people from the four corners of the earth want to try it. Between Trail Center and my staff at Stone Harbor, I think we can accommodate everyone soon.

Since this is still in its infancy, if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to add them in our comment section and we can forward them to Sarah. Or contact her directly  at

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