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Trying out Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddle Boards

Come to Stone Harbor and you can find a great selection of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards to take out for a spin.

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Our Covid-19 Response

I want to assure you that we are watching this along with all of you and we are doing everything we can do to keep you and our staff safe.

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Water: Love and Danger

No matter what body of water Beth is on, she realizes there is an element of danger in the power of water.

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Cozy Cabin Gift Guide

It doesn’t matter how big it is–in Minnesota, it’s a cabin. By Beth Poliquin Oh, how we love our North Shore cabins! In the cold and snowy months of winter, indoor activities are welcome in those cabins. As the holiday season approaches, Beth has some lovely gift suggestions for making our cabins even more inviting. Not in the Grand Marais …

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Just What is my Size?

We carry some of the best known and highest quality you can buy anywhere. Each manufacturer is bringing the clothes in from different areas of the world and sizing is different in many ways.

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Fall 2018

Let’s not look at what is gone; let’s talk about what is ahead.

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Stylish Christmas gift ideas

With the pace we all keep these days, a true “one stop shop” for holiday gifts is invaluable. Stone Harbor can help you check all the boxes on your list.

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Picture of Lake Saganaga in the BWCAW of Minnesota

BWCAW Permits

After heading out to shovel snow for the unknown number of times, our minds start thinking of warm temperatures and quiet lakes. We might even miss the low buzz of a million mosquitos as our fingers and toes thaw. Then again, maybe not that but you understand where I am coming from. Even though we enjoy the north country and …

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Picture of Jack paddling a kayak

In January? Really?

Sure, it’s January, but that doesn’t stop Jack from thinking about paddling.

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Sumo wrestler, deer hunter, and summer camper

Why did the sumo wrestler, deer hunter, and summer camper get into the same fishing boat? Why to get to Fisherman’s Picnic of course! It’s that time of year here in Grand Marais! The Grand Marais Lions have once again put together a collection of wonderful activities for July 29 through August 2. The town is pulling out all the stops …

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