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Fathom LV Kayak

Sometimes you can find one of these hidden gems still available. That’s the case with one of Eddyline’s best kayaks: the Fathom LV.

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Trying out Kayaks, Canoes, and Paddle Boards

Come to Stone Harbor and you can find a great selection of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards to take out for a spin.

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Water: Love and Danger

No matter what body of water Beth is on, she realizes there is an element of danger in the power of water.

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I Still Have to Pinch Myself

Reflecting on the Shifts of the Past Year By Kris Barber I look at the guests paddling their kayaks for the first time. Their paddle strokes are awkward and clumsy. Tentative. Kind of like Bambi on his new legs. That will change soon enough. It always does. By the time a half hour goes by, they’ll have it mastered. Their …

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Big lake safety

In light of some recent events, we feel the need to further explain our safety policies.

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Training our guides

You might ask what we require of our guides. Let’s start with our kayak guides.

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Don’t let your Minnesota niceness get in the way

Don’t let your Minnesota niceness get in the way of a little friendly dickering.

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On Becoming a Big Lake Lover

My week at Isle Royale included a couple big water experiences that made this ocean kayaker feel at home. The island itself, being the most remote national park, has an aura of mystery to it. One day on the…

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That Question Again?

As we head into the summer and our visitors and seasonal residents return to visit us on the North Shore, I start hearing that age old question: Should I…

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North Shore Water Festival Grand Marais MN Kayaks

Water Festival 2016

The Water Festival is a chance for anyone who wants to get out on the water whether it be in a kayak, a canoe or a Stand Up Paddle board to go out and do just that.

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