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Lake Trout 07 23 13

Start Planning Your Fall Fishing Trips

As the days start to get shorter, fall is going to start to show its face and those of us in the fishing world are getting excited.

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Chef Chris Shares His Walleye Jambalaya Recipe

Today I made walleye jambalaya to demo in the store. This dish goes great with corn bread or any crusty bread.

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Kadunce River 05 16 13

Steelhead Alert – 5/16/13

The weather really warmed up yesterday and now we wait for the ice to go out on the lakes.

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Elbow Lake Near Grand Marais MN

Steelhead Alert – 5/10/13

The snow is finally receding on the Gunflint Trail (although the lakes still have plenty of ice).

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Iron Lake Cook County MN

Fishing Opener Caution

This is Minnesota fishing opener weekend and it is also the weekend that many take their first foray into the BWCA.

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What the Heck is a Steelhead?

Okay, I have to admit that before I started working on the Stone Harbor web site, I had never heard of steelhead, so the guys at the store schooled me on these beautiful silver bullets. What follows are the basics I’ve gleaned so far. (By the way, if you are already an avid steelhead fisher, you might want to skip …

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Kadunce MN 2 Steelhead

Steelhead Alert – 5/5/13

I checked out the Kadunce and Devil Track this morning.

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North Brule River Public Domain By Sue Weber

River Safety

Most people know and realize just how dangerous lakes can be. The water can be cold. The seas can be rough. Or maybe you’re just not that strong of a swimmer. What people don’t realize is just how treacherous rivers and streams can be.

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May 1 Calendar

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air in Grand Marais. Well, sort of. The forecast is for maybe some snow and rain over the next few days, but there are other signs of spring.

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Steelhead Trout By Ken Hammond Public Domain

Steelhead Alert – 4/28/13

Steelhead fishing on the North Shore has a limited window of opportunity, so if you are interested in fishing for these “silver bullets,” call our store.

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