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Our children’s first fall

Those of us who grew up in Minnesota may take for granted the majesty of our autumn colors but Beth’s daughters will never take it for granted.

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Crazy and Courageous

When it comes to canoeing, a little of both By Ann Papenfuss I come from a long line of crazy or courageous people (the appropriate adjective of course, depends on your opinion). Aunt Genny and Uncle Jim definitely fall into both of these categories. Among their very craziest adventures, year ago, was a trip to the Boundary Waters with me and three …

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That Question Again?

As we head into the summer and our visitors and seasonal residents return to visit us on the North Shore, I start hearing that age old question: Should I…

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Father’s Day

A while back I posted a picture on Facebook that I took of my son and grandson standing stream side just above Partridge Falls. It was a special moment for me to watch the two of them in a reflective moment.

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Wintergreen for Kids and Other Fun Gift Ideas

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the question is: What do we get the kids and grandkids?

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