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Hennessy Hammocks

Every year it seems the popularity of hammock camping builds more and more. This year, in addition to what we normally carry, we are adding  Hennessy Hammocks to the store.

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An Adventure on the Big Island – Part 2

Have you been waiting for part 2 of Mike and Danny’s adventure on Isle Royale? The wait is over!

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Picture of Lake Saganaga in the BWCAW of Minnesota

BWCAW Permits

After heading out to shovel snow for the unknown number of times, our minds start thinking of warm temperatures and quiet lakes. We might even miss the low buzz of a million mosquitos as our fingers and toes thaw. Then again, maybe not that but you understand where I am coming from. Even though we enjoy the north country and …

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Four Things You Need To Know About Nemo Losi 3p Tent

Four Things You Need to Know About Nemo’s Losi 3p Tent

A couple weeks ago Jackson took the Nemo Losi 3p tent out to give it a run in the Superior National Forest.

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Water Filtering and Purification for Camping

When it comes to water treatment, the first question we ask is “What are you trying to accomplish?”

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Chosen Hiker and Camp Chow

As we bid adieu to Gail, let’s wish her luck. Those of us who have hiked some of the local trails she is going to take know it’s going to be a rough road.

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The Hiker Extraordinaire

Owning a store like Stone Harbor gives me the privilege of meeting new and interesting people on almost a daily basis. This past week was no exception.

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Les Stroud Ultimate Survival Knife

We asked the outdoor experts on our staff to give us some Christmas gift suggestions and Tom came up with a beauty.

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Get Your Winter Camping Gear Ready

While it’s not yet time for those winter treks, it is the perfect time to inspect your winter gear.

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Not Much Has Changed

What does the partial government shutdown mean for your travel plans to Cook County or the BWCA?

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