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This is Important for our Trails

Nobody wants to talk about it By Kris Barber We’ve seen this throughout the Superior Hiking Trail and have noticed that it’s not just a pet issue. We know that carrying out the messiest of our refuse presents challenges. The stakes can be pretty high if you’re carrying that plastic bag along with your other gear. Because of this, we’ve …

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Crazy and Courageous

When it comes to canoeing, a little of both By Ann Papenfuss I come from a long line of crazy or courageous people (the appropriate adjective of course, depends on your opinion). Aunt Genny and Uncle Jim definitely fall into both of these categories. Among their very craziest adventures, year ago, was a trip to the Boundary Waters with me and three …

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True Spring

Do you know the difference between Fake Spring and True Spring? Jackson breaks it down for you in a way only a True Minnesotan can.

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Picture of Lake Saganaga in the BWCAW of Minnesota

BWCAW Permits

After heading out to shovel snow for the unknown number of times, our minds start thinking of warm temperatures and quiet lakes. We might even miss the low buzz of a million mosquitos as our fingers and toes thaw. Then again, maybe not that but you understand where I am coming from. Even though we enjoy the north country and …

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Water Filtering and Purification for Camping

When it comes to water treatment, the first question we ask is “What are you trying to accomplish?”

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Emergency Response to BWCAW Windstorm

Superior National Forest sent us more information about the LaCroix blowdown. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that we can sometimes take it for granted.

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LaCroix Blowdown Update

Becca Manlove, Superior National Forest Information Officer from Ely, sent us this update on the LaCroix Blowdown.

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LaCroix Blowdown

Becca Manlove, Superior National Forest Information Officer from Ely, just sent us this information about the LaCroix blowdown in the BWCAW.

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Not Much Has Changed

What does the partial government shutdown mean for your travel plans to Cook County or the BWCA?

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Marty Berglin Canoe BWCA Best Trip

Our Best BWCAW Trips

It wasn’t hard to get our outdoor exports at Stone Harbor to dish on their favorite BWCAW trip.

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