Big news from Jack

Picture of Josh working on the Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply e-commerce site.

Is that computer mouse now permanently attached to Josh’s hand?

In June of 2010 we opened the doors of Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply. Our mission has been to bring high quality gear and adventures to the residents of Cook County and the many visitors that come to our area throughout the year. Since 2010, many of you have asked whether you could buy gear from us from the comfort of your home. We have accommodated many of you on an individual basis but have not wanted to jump into the wonderful world of eCommerce until we had our product mix and expertise to a point where we were comfortable.

That day has finally arrived. For the past few months, two of our employees have been locked in a back room preparing the the launch of our new eCommerce site. We have been adding many, many of the products we have in our store to this site and will be continually updating it as we go along. We hope we have all the kinks out of the system and with the expertise and diligence of Josh and Jackson, we are confident we are ready to go. We ask your patience if you encounter some early glitches but we are confident that you will find our site easy to navigate and shop. We hope that you will think of us for all you outdoor gear needs in the future and are excited to be able to take care of those needs not only when you visit our store but year around from the confines of your living room.

Want to check it out for yourself? Simply click on the Shop button on our web site–it takes you right to the Stone Harbor eCommerce site.

Picture of Jackson looking at a picture of the Grand Marais Water Festival on his computer

Jackson dreams of the Big Lake from his computer.

I must caution you however, that we cannot offer to send you a guide to take you kayaking or fishing on your local lake or stream. You will still need to visit us at our store in Grand Marais. But who knows? With today’s technology, maybe we can offer that in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy looking through our site. Let us know what you think. Sign up for our loyalty program to earn points on your purchases. And don’t forget to continue to come and see us in Grand Marais. We do not want to lose that personal contact with each and every one of you.

Jack Stone

May 2016

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