Better than Football

Picture of a lake along Jack's November 2019 Canadian hike

Gotta get those hikes before the season ends

by Jack Stone

I watched a few minutes of football Sunday afternoon but it was way too noisy. We are getting to the time of the year when we won’t be able to do many more hikes, so I went out looking for another trail I had never been on.

That is why I tell visitors to being their passports. There are all of these nice hikes nearby, right across the Canadian border.

This one was listed as moderate with a lookout. I started out thinking if this was moderate, I had no idea what an easy trail would be. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions so quickly. A lookout meant higher than water level, and to get a real good look I needed to be quite high, so the easy trail quickly became a moderate trail. It was beautiful and quiet. And parts were rugged. And all of it was worth the hike.

A map of the Canadian hiking trail that Jack checked out on Sunday

  1. AnonymousNov 06, 2019

    Nice pictures.

  2. SHWSNov 06, 2019

    Thanks! We always enjoy Jack’s hiking pictures.

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