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A picture of Beth and Jack selecting clothing items for a customer

Try personal shopping at Stone Harbor

by Jack Stone

A few years ago at Stone Harbor we dipped our toes into the e-commerce arena. It did not take us long to realize we were not offering our customers the personal attention we felt our mission required. E-commerce is impersonal and frustrating–anyone who buys online can attest to that. But the convenience sometimes outweighs the impersonal experience.

Picture of Beth talking to a customer in her role as a personal shopperToday as a country and community we are experiencing something we have not gone through before. Some of you may decide that you are going to hunker down at home and do your shopping from your easy chair. But you still want to talk to a real person who can answer your questions and make suggestions. Have you ever tried doing that with one of the large e-commerce sites?

Here is what I suggest: As spring approaches and you know you are going to need new clothing and equipment for your summer excursions, give us a call. Looking for something special for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, or another special day? Let us help you. Let us be your own personal shopper. Let us know what you are looking for. Most of you have spent enough time in our store to know what brands we carry and what equipment we have. Talk to us and we can help you decide. We can send you pictures. We can tell you about fit just like we do in the store. You have gotten to know the staff and you are welcome to ask for specific team members to help you and we will do our best to accommodate.

All we need from you are sizes. Sneak into the closet and write down all the information you can find. Get us height, honest weight, body type. You get the idea? The more info you can get us the better we can do to get it right the first time.

And for the record, you might not always be able to get the old guy with the beard because he hides upstairs or under the bridge, but you can always try. And I promise, I will try to be nice if you do talk to me.

So what do you think? This Coronavirus Virus will pass but until then don’t let it stop you from buying at your favorite store from the comfort of your home. And did I say that in almost all cases we don’t charge for shipping? Well, that’s another plus. So give us a call at (218)387-3136 and let’s go shopping together!

Picture of a Lake Superior cribbage board and other gifts at Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply


  1. AnonymousMar 13, 2020

    Fantastic! Good idea.

  2. SHWSMar 13, 2020

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

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