Bears & More From Tofte & Gunflint Ranger Districts

412px Black Bear Large

Bears & More From Tofte & Gunflint Ranger Districts

Picture of a large black bear sitting on a rock

This regal black bear is NOT the one
that was spotted at Caribou Lake.
The picture was taken by Mike Bender
of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Nichole Borson from the Tofte Ranger District has sent some more BWCAW bear information:

On Saturday, July 20th, The Tofte Ranger District received a second report of a human/bear encounter at Caribou Lake by Clearwater. It was at campsite #6 on the east end of the lake.

The report stated that there was property damage in the campsite while it was unoccupied. When the site was occupied, the bear was not able to be scared away. There were no reports of the bear has getting into any human food or being aggressive.

Notices are going up at the entry points alerting everyone to this activity and the Forest Service is going to monitor for reports of any additional encounters.

Please remember that the best way to keep bears away is to maintain a clean campsite, including the use of proper food storage. If you do happen to encounter a bear, be sure to report it to either the Tofte Ranger District (218-663-8060) or the Gunflint Ranger District (218-387-1750).


Cathy Quinn from the Gunflint Ranger District provided the following BWCAW updates:

Campsite #6 on Tuscarora, the island site, is temporarily closed due to a hazardous latrine condition related to the recent rainfalls. It will be reassessed next week.

The rapids between Mora and Little Saganaga are very hazardous due to the recent rainfalls. Visitors using the portage between Mora and Little Saganaga need to use extreme caution when approaching the portage from either direction.

Campsite #19 on Little Saganaga is temporarily closed due to an abundance of hazardous trees.

And a message from Jack: Be safe out there.


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