An Open Letter to my Cross Country Skis

a collage of three cross-country ski pictures

I’ve moved on.

by Kris Barber

So you girls have come back. Do you really think you can just come traipsing back into my life again after leaving for an entire summer? You want me to just pick you up again as if everything was fine? Am I really supposed to just take you back?

Sorry Girls. I’ve moved on. I’ve met so much outdoor equipment after you left that I barely even remember you. I met a kayak on Isle Royale. That’s right. We paddled miles of pristine shoreline together. Did you know I spent some time on the Pincushion Trails with a fat tire bike? Yup. That was in June and I rode that same bike many times since then. Uh huh. Unlike you, it’s complex and it’s elaborate and it works me like you never did.

Did you hear I met a new hiking trail map this July? And I don’t mean to sound crass but I spent the rest of the summer exploring every inch of it. So don’t even try to weasel back in like you and me got it goin’ on.

You know I had to put the waxes away after you left. I should have known you wouldn’t be around once the weather got nice. I was so stupid! And I have no doubt that you’re probably showing up with other people on some trail right about now too. No! We’re done! Things are different now. WE. ARE. DONE.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish you well. I mean, you always were good with fresh powder. Are you still good with fresh powder? I bet you are. Remember that night at George Washington Pines Trails? The night we did the entire loop three times? You were amazing. You were always amazing on a cold night. We were good together, weren’t we? It would be fun to do something like that again. We have so much history together. It would be a shame to just turn our backs on so much history. Okay, maybe just one short lap around the trail. For old time’s sake — but I’m not taking you back…

Many thanks to Kris’ wife, Jill, for supplying the beautiful photos!

  1. Bill SutherlandFeb 13, 2020

    And then there was that “night affair,” wher you went off with that ski instructor to brave the cold and the moon light!

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