Amazing Local Photographers

Nace Hagemann North Shore Starlight

Amazing Local Photographers

Picture of a man standing against red and yellow Northern Lights on a winter night

Nace Hagemann’s stunning northern lights photo is now on our home page.

In the North Country we are blessed to have many great photographers. I would like to point out just a couple of them because these are very important to Stone Harbor. You see these names come up over and over on our web site.

Let me start with Marty Berglin. Marty lives in the Twin Cities but I met him before the Stone Harbor store was even purchased. He took the original Langford Canoe pictures for Fall River Trading, the owner of Stone Harbor, and for His are the pictures of canoes sitting out in Lake Superior and at the waterfall at Fall River.

Next is Mark Tessier. Mark does many of our pictures, including one that are putting on a billboard on the other side of the Canadian border. Many of our store shots were done by Mark, along with a few of our tours. He works for the Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais, doing framing and printing.

And then we have Nace Hagemann. Nace is not only a photographer, but he makes his living as a local contractor and builder. On our site, you will see some of his outdoor pictures, including the new winter starlight picture that slides on our home page. Nace also works as a dog handler for Matt Groth and has written articles for mushing magazines. He has also taken some amazing pictures of the Gichigami Express Sled Dog Race.

In the future you will see video produced locally by Patrick Knight, who did the Gichigami Express video last winter. And of course you will see pictures taken by our staff when they are out on adventures.

Take a look at these web sites and if you are looking for a special picture or photographer, keep our guys in mind.

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