A Hidden Waterfall

Picture of a Cook County waterfall in autumn

Just 150 yards into the woods

by Jack Stone

Over the past couple of months, I have posted pictures of some of my favorite hikes. Along with that, you have put up with what I call “ramblings of a madman.” Well, I apologize: you may need to put up with more of those ramblings. It is so much fun to talk to visitors and get their impressions of our hiking trails, canoe and kayak routes, fishing streams… you get the idea.

Jack's dog Patch wandering near the hidden waterfallAbout 10 weeks ago, we had a guy in the store who started talking about a waterfall I had never seen on a map, or even heard about. Beth was there and said, “you know what, I think I was at that spot last winter.” So I asked where it was and was surprised even more. I had driven past that spot many times but always going somewhere, so I never had any inkling that it was there.

Saturday I loaded up Patch and headed out. I asked Beth where I was going and she was not completely sure, but I figured when I got there I would find it. I parked my car in a small lot nearby and walked to where I was told there might be a trail. I was also told it might be hard to find. I stood on the shoulder of the road and started looking for any sign of a trail and there it was. In the summer I doubt I could have found it but in the fall, with less foliage, I could see it.

Once I entered the woods, the trail was much easier to see. Patch headed on without me. I could hear the falls clearly, especially since we had a lot of rain recently. After only about 150 yards, there it was. It was a scramble to get to the base, but it was beautiful.

A picture downstream of the waterfallWhy do I mention this? We want your visit to the area to be special. You can get info on Cook County anywhere, but is it accurate? Is there anything you can see that is not in a guidebook? What are the trails like? Stop and see us. We can tell you all about this and other gems.

While we are at it and talking hiking, keep in touch. Next summer Stone Harbor is going to start working on the trailhead and first mile of the Kek Trail. We are clearing it, starting with the first mile. We hope to ultimately make it the first three miles. We are hosting a clearing crew, so get you friends together and let’s do this. Details are coming after the first of the year.

Oh I almost forgot: where are these falls? Ummmm, I think you need to stop in and talk to us and maybe we can share that 🙂

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