A Feeling Comes Over Me

Betsy Bowen Studio September 15 2013

A Feeling Comes Over Me

Picture of a white tower amidst green trees

That tower snuggled among the trees is Betsy Bowen’s studio.
She’s one of the many gifted artists living in Grand Marais.

This is the leaf peeping as you look east from our store.
Yup, we are spoiled here in Grand Marais.

As I walked into my office Sunday morning and looked out onto Lake Superior I had a feeling come over me that said “summer is over.”

This is one of the best times of the year to visit us. The days are cool but the sun is out. The leaves are ever so slightly starting to change. The bright green is fading and when it changes, it will go quickly. We move our our kayak and SUP tours move from the big lake to our beautiful inland lakes so that you can see the dramatic colors up close.

Starting with this post, we are taking pictures that show the trees of of Grand Marais. For consistency, we are taking them from the third floor of our building. We don’t claim to be great photographers but we want you to see the transformation of the hills surrounding us. It may also help you plan your fall getaway to Grand Marais.


Those towers are for WTIP Radio and Boreal Access.
Check out 90.7 FM and boreal.org for the latest town news.

Webmaster note: The Betsy Bowen Studio includes several studios and a seasonal performance space. The building was originally a church built in 1903 to house the Norwegian Lutheran congregation. They held services in Norwegian until 1929 when they shared an English-speaking pastor with the Swedes. (It must have taken some smooth diplomacy to make that happen!) If you want to see some of Betsy’s incredible work, check out her website.

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