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Luna Moth In Grand Marais

Luna Moth as Art

It looks like Jan isn’t the only one with a talent for capturing the artwork of nature. Todd Mestad just sent us this striking picture of a Luna moth.

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Natures Artwork

Nature’s Artwork

It was a dark and stormy day. I was walking our two four-legged’s when I noticed…

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Moon Glow Supermoon

2013 Supermoon in Grand Marais

If the weather in Grand Marais cooperates this weekend, you are in for a treat: the 2013 supermoon.

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Nordic Walking With The Queen In Grand Marais

Learning the Fine Art of Nordic Walking

We’re walking en masse down the alley by Stone Harbor and folks are staring. I presume it’s because we’re walking with sticks (poles really), although realistically, it could simply be that we are a vision of health and wellness, striding our way to increased upper body strength. And we’re smiling while doing it!

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The Dreaded and Despised Black Fly

Although there is no 100% way to protect yourself from black flies, here are some helpful ideas to somewhat protect yourself from the onslaught.

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Superior Hiking Trail Forest Road 115 Trail Head

Easy hiking on the Superior National Trail

Over the past few days, the subject of the Superior Hiking Trail has come up in conversation. We see a lot of folks who are making the hike from one end to the other. Sometimes they are doing it segment by segment.

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Jan Footwear Suggestions

Father’s Day Gift Idea from Jan part 2

There are probably only two things that can make or break Dad’s outdoor adventures: (1) kids who have missed meal time or (2) the wrong shoes. We’ll let the meal time planning up to you but when it comes to outdoor shoes, no one knows them better than Jan.

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Jacks Granddaughters

Father’s Day Musings from a Grandfather

Father’s Day is not just for fathers. Remember there are also a lot of grandfathers out there.

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Jan Lemke Stone Harbor

Father’s Day Gift Idea from Jan part 1

Jan knows all about having fun. (That picture is a clue, huh?) That’s why she’s the one to talk to when you want to pick out a unique and fun gift for Dad.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Annette

You can thank Annette for the high quality and stylish clothing you see at Stone Harbor. She’s a great person to help you find just the right piece of clothing to keep Dad prepared for whatever his outdoor adventures have to offer.

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