Work is Never Done

Secret Fishing Spot

Work is Never Done

Picture of Jack's secret fishing spot, taken in the summer

Jack may be a little coy about his fishing spot,
but if you stop in the store, I bet he’ll tell you
all about it (he just won’t tell you where it is).

The work of a proprietor of an outdoor shop is never done. That is not a complaint by the way–just a statement of fact. Yesterday I went on an excursion to check out more fishing holes for next summer. We are always looking for the ultimate fishing hole.

Since it is also grouse season, it gave me an excuse to walk down long logging roads, looking for that fishing hole. I had a fairly good idea where the logging roads went and how close they came to different streams. As I was walking yesterday, I went past this one area twice. The second time my English Setter disappeared, and in the distance through a lot of brush, I could see him running what looked like a trail. Upon closer investigation, I realized he had found what I was looking for: one of the best Grand Marais fishing streams and potentially, my ultimate fishing hole.

Now I have to wait until spring when the season opens again, but I am confident I have found another stream we can fish next year.

Oh yes, you might ask, where is this trail? Because we are in favor of full disclosure, let me say that it is up the road a piece.

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