To the end of the Superior Hiking Trail

Picture of sign at the end of the Superior Hiking Trail

By Jack Stone

Picture of the back of Jack as he is hiking to the end of the SHTI hiked to the end of the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) last weekend and took some pictures at the 270 degree overlook. If you have not been there, it is a hike of about 1.1 miles to where the SHT meets the Border Route Trail. Then you head up a slope about 300 yards to the top, where there is a 270 overlook towards Canada.

It is one of the best views in the area–you can see forever! Bugs were not that bad–annoying mosquitoes but the black flies seem to be dying off. The trail for the most
part was dry, except for a couple of muddy spots.

The trail is not well marked on maps but you get to it by heading up the Arrowhead Trail to Otter Lake Road. Go east on Otter Lake Road a couple of miles and you see the trailhead for the Border Route Trail on the left.

It’s a great hike for anyone who feels they can go for 2-1/2 miles. The climb is gradual all the way until the last 300 yards, which is a little more rugged. The trip back to the car is quite easy, since the gradual incline going up is a gradual decline going down. And if that doesn’t sound like a good trail for you, just stop by the store and ask us for some other Cook County suggestions–we have all sorts of great hiking trails here.

Picture of the view from the 270 Outlook at the end of the Superior Hiking Trail

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