The Lake is Sure to Please

The Lake is Sure to Please

picture of storm clouds

The big lake is never predictable, so why should the
Lake Superior Storm Fest be just a regular kind of fun?

Big wind. Big waves. Big chill in the air.

Powerful. Majestic. Awe- inspiring. Humbling. Turbulent. Thrilling. Ferocious. Uncontrollable. Unruly.

The November storms are all of the above and indescribable at the same time. To stand next to Lake Superior during a November storm is a visceral experience.

It’s an atmospheric dispute between the warm air leaving our area and the cold pushing its way into our lives that creates the drama.

My office at Stone Harbor overlooks the East Bay of Lake Superior and on big wave days I must admit it’s a challenge to keep myself from simply sitting and watch the lake show.  I live seven miles out of town, up the hill in the woods and when the lake is cranked up we can hear it at home.

Sometimes in November the lake lays still and those days are beautiful too as we knowingly await the big show that is bound to erupt. Undisturbed tranquility is the mode when the lake is still and town is quiet this time of year; this is your perfect escape for some down time before the rush of the Holiday season kicks in.

The inaugural Lake Superior Storm Festival, sponsored by our invigorated tourism team at the Cook County Visitor’s Bureau, offers interesting menu presentations from local restaurants; talks about shipwrecks and photography in bad weather; an event highlighting the fashionable and functional winter garb we don to survive; a wave dash, and more. And it all takes place November 7 – 10, 2013.

Come for the events or come for the quiet; either way The Lake is sure to please. Check out the details at

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