Taking Fashion by Storm

Taking Fashion by Storm

Picture of Linda and Shelby modeling the latest outdoor and casual clothing

Linda & Shelby are two of the beautiful models showing off the latest outdoor and casual styles in Taking Fashion by Storm

Clothing. Here in the US, it’s a requirement of daily life. Some countries think less is more when it comes to covering our bodies.  I love visiting those countries.

I am a Northern climate gal through and through because I can manage my personal climate zone by adding or shedding layers. This is NOT the case when its 90 degrees outside with humidity levels in the upper 70’s — at some point I’ll get arrested for taking off another layer. But I digress.

As a woman, it has never been easier to dress comfortably and have my clothing work for me in an active endeavor (think wicking fabric or wind blocker vs. soggy, cold cotton during a cool season workout). And finding clothes that take me from the trail or yoga to work is just as easy.

Active brands like pRana, Lole’ and Ibex specialize in comfortable, presentable, yet functional clothing that takes me from biking the new singletrack at Pincushion to work, without having to pack a separate outfit. I’m lazy at heart and if I have to pack (much less carry) a change of clothes, I’m out. Of course, if you work in a traditional corporate environment you need to be creative in your selection, but options in stylish, functional, and comfortable clothing are plentiful.

It’s why I was able to wear a beautiful Ibex Woolies top under my black suit at a funeral, then remove the suit jacket for the casual gathering at a local watering hole to raise a toast later in the day, and be appropriately dressed and comfortable the entire time. High performing clothing, for me, is preferable to haute fashion everyday.

Webmaster note: You can see for yourself how stylish and functional women’s clothing can be. Join us for Taking Fashion by Storm, part of the Women of Wilderness (WoW) series at Stone Harbor, on Friday, November 8th at 6:30 pm. It’s just another one of the fun activities planned as part of the Lake Superior Storm Festival.

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