Isle Royale Sea Kayaking Adventure


Now this is sea kayaking!

In the middle of Lake Superior, Isle Royale is the most remote and spectacular sea kayaking destination in the Midwest. Gichigami, as Superior is called, can be calm or challenging, but she always provides an adventure.

Join Stone Harbor on this sea kayaking journey as we explore the wild beauty of Isle Royale’s magnificent shore. On this six day (and five nights) trip, we visit protected coves, nearby smaller islands, abandoned fishing villages and restored lighthouses. We also have plenty of time to relax and explore some of the many hiking trails found within one of the least-visited national parks in the U.S. This is a trip will you will treasure for a lifetime!

We have two Isle Royale trips planned for 2017

Sea-Kayaking-Isle-Royale-Guided-TourJoin us for the sea kayaking adventure of a lifetime, June 22nd – 27th or August 19th – 24th. Call us at 218-387-3136 to book your spot. Want to schedule a different trip? Our ACA certified guides can design a trip specifically for your group.

The cost of the Isle Royale Sea Kayaking Adventure is $1750 per person. This trip includes all necessary food, gear, entry fees and transportation to and from the island. Guests are responsible for securing their own accommodations in or around Grand Marais the night prior to the trip, as well as the night after returning to Grand Marais, if desired. There is a mandatory gear check the night before we leave, so each guest needs to be available on that date.


Packing List

What We Provide
  • PFD
  • Kayak and kayak accessories
  • Paddle
  • Transportation from our store to Isle Royale
  • All necessary cooking and base camp equipment (we won’t make you whittle your own fork)
  • Wetsuit (or bring your own)
  • Wetsuit shoes (or bring your own)
  • Sleeping bag (or bring your own)
  • Thermarest sleeping pad (or bring your own)
  • Tent (or bring your own)
  • Dry bags (or bring your own)
Recommended Packing List
Paddling clothing to wear under your wetsuit
(Note: clothing you wear under your wetsuit will get wet. We recommend quick-dry, close fitting clothing that won’t bunch up.)
  • Swim suit
  • Short sleeve quick-dry shirt (example: Rab Aeon Tee)
  • Long sleeve quick-dry shirt  (example: NRS HydroSilk Shirt)
  • Quick-dry shorts
Paddling accessories
  • Paddling footwear (lightweight, quick-drying water shoes; sandals are ok but no flip-flops)
  • Hat with wide brim (for sun & rain protection)
  • Fleece, wool or synthetic beanie
  • Polarized sunglasses & strap
  • Paddling gloves (recommended to prevent blisters and sunburn)
Camp clothing
  • Convertible quick-dry pants (not jeans)
  • Long sleeve camp shirt
  • Fleece jacket
  • Lightweight hiking shoes, or other shoes to stay dry
  • Wool or synthetic socks (forget cotton!)
  • Breathable rain gear top & bottom (no ponchos please, as it is difficult to swim in them in case of an upset)
  • Something comfy to sleep in, if you like
  • Base layer (top & bottom)
Personal items
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug dope
  • Headlamp or flashlight, with extra batteries
  • Water bottle or hydration pack
  • Optional: favorite book or other things to do during quiet time
  • Optional: camera in a waterproof, protective case
  • If needed: medications
  • If needed: eye glasses and/or contact lenses and spare
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Quick-dry towel (example: Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel)
  • Mild soap & shampoo (remember: all suds will end up in the ground! We recommend Dr. Bronner’s)
  • Hand lotion
  • Comb (if you care)
Optional: Fishing Gear
  • You can bring fishing gear if you want but remember: you catch ’em, you clean ’em
  • A Michigan fishing license is required in Lake Superior and when transporting fish to the mainland. A fishing license is not required to fish inland waters of Isle Royale.
Are you missing something from the equipment list? All participants receive a 10% discount at Stone Harbor on the day before the trip.

All Stone Harbor tours and instruction require active, physical participation on the part of the guest. You must sign the Stone Harbor Guided Tours and Instructional Activities Waiver and Release of Liability form and the Stone Harbor Confidential Medical History form prior to participating in any Stone Harbor tour or instruction. Please call us at 218-387-3136 if you have any questions about the physical requirements or the risks associated with the activities.

We are committed to your safety. Our safety policy can be found here.

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