Summer is almost here

The ice is still here and yes, it has been trying to snow, but we know summer is almost here. How you ask? As you walk past our harbor and on our streets, you see that some of our favorite places are opening their doors for summer. The Angry Trout is open for the season, as is the Crooked Spoon and the Birch Terrace. On Mother’s Day, the annual Mother’s Day Brunch is going on at Naniboujou. Sydney’s Custard is also opening on Mother’s Day and appears to be putting on an addition now that they have expanded with their wood fired pizzas. ¬†You add this to all of those that have been open all winter, and we have a wide range of places to eat. Now we all wait for that harbinger of summer: the World’s Best Donut Shop opens on May 22nd. Then we are all ready to go.


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