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Socks Born in the USA

Webmaster note: Some of you may be wondering about the socks we are offering for our fishing story contest. Never heard of Farm to Feet socks? Well, Jan has the low-down on them. Don’t know about the fishing story contest? Check it out on our Facebook page:

Farm to Feet logoYeah, yeah, it’s cool again to proclaim “Made in the USA”. Well, Farm to Feet socks have always been made right here at home. Not only are they made here, their entire process is, to quote the Boss, born in the USA. In fact, they are truly 100% made in the USA and by that I mean: the sheep (original wearers of the wool) are raised and graze on American soil; the miraculous process of turning sheep “hair” into yarn and yarn into socks happens in Mount Airy, North Carolina; the attractive packaging the socks are merchandised in is created and printed right here and yes, even the display used to showcase the socks is a product of the USA.

Are they comfortable, durable AND good looking? Heck yea! Merino wool, seamless toes, cushioned for specific activities and attractive to boot. (Sorry–couldn’t resist.) And they have extra reinforcement from toe through the heel for added durability. Merino wool wicks moisture from your skin so you stay dry and comfortable year round with absolutely no itch. That’s a great thing for all wearers of socks, American or not.

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