Share the woods safely

Patterdale Terrier Hunting Safety

Share the woods safely

picture of a patter dale terrier hunting in the woods

Look out for traps so your dog
doesn’t accidentally get caught in one.

This a great time of year to get outside in the Grand Marais area! The crowds are gone, so you can take that leisurely hike or walk without running into may people at all. But it is also the time of the year that you share the woods with many hunters and trappers.

Coming up soon is the deer season. In Cook County, that is between November 9th and 24th. When you are hiking during this time, it is a very good policy to wear orange. Bring a vest and hat to be on the safe side. There is a lot of room for everyone up here, and most hunters are extremely careful, but you can never be too careful.

Trapping season is also upon us. The beaver season is already open, with fisher and pine marten seasons opening at the end of November. Every once in a while a dog will get tangled up in a conibear trap. If you aren’t familiar with these traps, they can be very dangerous and possibly fatal to your dog. Familiarize yourself with how these traps work and if your dog does get into one, know how to release it. Here’s a great youtube video as to how to do that.

And remember, this information is not just for Cook County. There is hunting and trapping throughout the state and country, so you can use these tips any where.

A diagram showing how to release a domestic animal from a body gripping trap

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